Projection of the Mind

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Silent Cries

For all there was and all that were

A few words of hunting despair 
Frightening time tick-tocking 

All in the present moment forever locking

Empty bodies with lost souls

Down those mazing roads that we chose

A dead end accompanied by a crow 

Seems like those betraying images in our minds that we draw

Joining hands with the dark soul

Closes one door and opens many more

Off we go to the other side 

Brainlessly walking with silent cries



Blue stars
And humming trees 
Lightening bolts overseas 
With every clash of thought you have 
Comes a stream of cold hearted cries 
So swing open the pipes of the stream
What’s one thing that will make you scream
A room filled with dirty mirrors 
And a reflection of lies that replace your dreams


What is strong 

When you’ve been too wrong 

About things that made sense at the time

You had it all

It was your time to shine

But now, things took a different turn 

Everything is gone 

And what is left is for you to learn 

Rainbows and Death

The words that are said below

 Are just a reminder 

Of how your life is a rainbow 

If you lived your youth trying to think that energy is your fellow 

Well here’s something new, you’re yellow 

You grow older and thirst for stability while you have no clue 

This is the part where you realize you’re blue

Then it all seems to be about serenity when you are a teen

Then suddenly, you turn green 

Creativity is activated now as you grow

That’s when you get painted in indigo 

Happiness takes over as you thirst for knowledge

In this phase, your indigo turns into orange

Your energy, power, and strength have all made your sweat shed 

All of your dedication now has made you red 

The luxury that you now own are like charms of remembrance on your bracelet 

Since now you have reached a state of a living violet 

The rainbow is your life

And with one hit that is sharper than a knife 

You meet black the death 

That will come and forever take your breath


How do you get this far 

From a feeling within your heart 

That trembling and shaking feeling 

Does nothing near healing 

Your nervousness does not matter

When you will be labeled as the former and never the latter 
All that success that comes within 

Transformed from that trembling feeling

To something much greater 

That will make you the creator 

Creator of success that is

For all you’ve done so far is a bliss


In sickness and in health

Always there in health

But never in sickness 

Then there comes that feeling 

A little bit like thickness 

On your chest while you urge to breathe 

You wish you can just sit and watch it leave

Days and days pass

Then it goes away leaving you in relief 

Carpe Diem

Instead of sitting around and thinking how to be them

Here’s a little philosophy called “The Carpe Diem”

Time is a puzzle; it leaves you thinking

It passes by while you’re still blinking

Envy, hatred, and distrust are three

Without them happy you shall be

Live life as if there were no tomorrow

Otherwise, you shall live in a bucket of sorrow

People, shame, and gossip will leave you in a worry

You pay much attention to them that you will be sorry

If you step on the aisle of “You”

You will never feel hurt, remorse, or rue

Happiness shall take over

Sorrow shall fade away like leaves in October

Joy will hit you like a storm of snow

And remorse shall wash away before you know

Was the pain worth losing your happiness?

Indeed, it was a result of your sloppiness

So instead of waiting for life to go your way

How about you take a minute to seize the day?


It’s all smiles and laughter

It’s all fun and secrets

But you turn around

And realize they are all leavers


In a time of need

You’d expect someone to take the lead

But in fact,

It was all just an act

You’re alone

In a phony world

Nobody loves

Nobody cares

Nobody in victory ever shares


So be self-built

With no remorse and no guilt

Because you, at once, were a delicate flower

But no more hurt,

Because you should build yourself a tower

A tower of firmness

A tower of strength

A tower where no place shall ever be occupied by weakness


So put your paws together and be prepared

For a journey where lessons of the past should be learned

Be a cat

And be careful

Be to yourself faithful

Be cuddly and demanding

But also be sure of your next landing


You are placed in a world that is phony

You think you belong, but in fact you’re lonely

Free Bird

You see, I like make-up too, I am crazed as few might say. I like Mercedes- Benz; their C-class line. Oh wow. I like designer bags and food. I like being the center, and so do you. But you see, friend, I am not you. My limitations are far beyond that. I am blessed and cursed with a mad and extensive mind. I think. I do. I believe. While you are stopped aside by society’s police, I keep going miles and miles ahead. Not physically, but mentally, emotionally, logically, morally, consciously, rationally. You see, friend, you laugh at me for not being like you, but here’s what you don’t see: you’re held from your tail by a cat of norms, while I fly ahead because I am a Free Bird.


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